Welcome Elise, Kelsey and Nabil

13 February 2017

The lab is expanding and we’re excited to welcome Elise Cowley, Kelsey Dahlgren and Nabil Chaudhry. Elise and Kelsey are both graduate students in the IQBio program at CU Boulder and officially start their lab rotation in the Geomicrobial Physiolgy Lab this week. Elise joins us after rotating in the Kralj and Fierer labs in the fall and winter and will be working on the dynamics of predator-prey interactions in microbial food webs for her rotation. Kelsey finished her rotations in the Cameron and Schmidt labs and will be working on the regulation of siderophore production in diazotrophs. Nabil recently finished his undergraduate degree in the Geo department at CU Boulder working in the Templeton Lab and will be studying isotope fractionation in acetogens. Welcome!