About the Lab

The Geomicrobial Physiology lab at the University of Colorado Boulder started in the Fall of 2016 and is focused on studying the physiological drivers of geochemical fingerprints of microbial metabolism, particularly isotopic effects and molecular markers. The lab is part of the newly expanding Geobiology program in the Department of Geological Sciences at CU Boulder, that also comprises Alexis Templeton’s, Julio Sepulveda’s, Boswell Wing’s and Steve Mojzsis’ groups, and has close ties with the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) and the Biofrontiers Institute. Please note that this website is still under construction and more information will follow soon. In the meantime, please contact sebastian.kopf (at) colorado.edu about upcoming research opportunities at CU Boulder.

Recent News


Geomicrobial Physiology Lab ready

Our culturing lab finished construction! After several months of renovations, the construction on the Geomicrobial Physiology culturing lab in the Benson Earth Sciences building wrapped up earlier this week and we officially moved in today. Several pieces of equipment are already set up and ready to go and the first... read more

Hiring a research assistant

The Isotope Geomicrobiology Group is seeking a highly qualified research technician and laboratory manager starting in February 2017. The Isotope Geomicrobiology Group comprises the Kopf and Wing labs located in the Benson Earth Sciences building and is focused on studying the physiology and geologic signatures (isotope effects and lipid biomarkers)... read more

Shaelyn and Allison presenting at AGU

Shaelyn Silverman is presenting a poster on Measuring Ancient Air Pressure Using Fossilized Cyanobacteria (Abstract ID 121646) on work that is part of her Senior Thesis at CU Boulder together with Sanjoy Som (NASA Ames). Allison Lee is presenting a poster on how Iron availability influences 15N-isotope fractionation during nitrogen... read more

GC-IMRS installation

The installation of our GC-IRMS is under way! Our new gas-chromatograph (GC) isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS) is getting installed and we are looking forward to getting everything up an running. This is one of the instruments housed in the Organic Geochemistry Laboratory (OGL) in the new Sustainability, Energy and... read more

Shaelyn joins the lab

Welcome Shaelyn! Shaelyn Silverman joins the lab to study heterocyst morphology for her undergraduate Honors Thesis in collaboration with the Templeton lab (who generously provide culturing space while the Geomicrobial Physiology Lab is still under construction) and Sanjoy Som at NASA Ames. read more